Personal OBD programmer

The most advanced tool to reprogram the ECU found in Automobile, Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles as well as Marine applications. Reading and Writing are simple and intuitive.

The only palm-sized device equipped with touch screen, and the ability to fully customize the tool to your company. Powergate3 gives you the ability to read and reprogram the ECUs of the main transport vehicles.

New design and Improved Technical Features

Increased benefits from the increased screen resolution; more powerful processor and increased memory. All of this POWER in a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand (140g-5oz. and 20mm-3/4” thick).

Touch screen provides an intuitive step-by-step walkthrough that will give your customer the confidence and security that they own the industry’s most powerful tool at their fingertips. The increased memory will allow up to 5 different files to be stored in the device simultaneously.

Alientech Manager

Powergate3 is the perfect tool to eliminate the gap between the Tuner and customers while continuing to optimize your work time. The new Powergate3 will help you to build and increase the market share of your business, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business and increase the value and quality of chip tuners’ work.

Fully customizable to fit your business needs

  • Create custom “templates” for further private-label branding
  • Multilingual configuration for your specific market
  • Upload protocols specific to your company’s applications
  • Ability to create and upload multiple files to the device
  • Create end-user software applications that reflect your company’s graphics for further brand recognition

Technical specifications evolution

PWG – I Edition PWG – II Edition PWG – III Edition
8bit CPU
ROM 64k
Storage 2Mb
Display A/N 2×16 characters
No Touchscreen
Weight 280gr
USB 1.0
No optional


8bit CPU
ROM 128k
Storage 8Mb
Display Monochrome 128x64px
No Touchscreen
Weight 200gr
USB 2.0
Optional cables


32bit CPU
ROM 512kB
Storage 256MB
Display TFT color 320x240px
Weight 140gr
Mini USB type B (mini-B)
Optional Cables